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Founder Hans Seelhofer

Hans Seelhofer

Hans Seelhofer (1949 - 2011) was a highly gifted visionary and an amazing man, who saw it as his highest task and duty to serve Creation with all his energy.

He considered it a great task, in our time of ascent into the fifth dimension of love, to be a servant of Creation and a valued helper for our Mother Earth – for all human beings, but also for the numerous animals, the plants, the minerals, the elements and all the elemental beings who live here. That is why he created FOSTAC AG and the FOSTAC ACADEMY many years ago. This is what he lived for.

With numerous seminars, training courses and innovative product developments, he was able to make an important and valuable contribution to the whole process of planetary consciousness change during his lifetime.

His life’s work is continued with the help of part of his family members and descendants.

Hans Seelhofer