We have closed from 20. July 2024 up to and including 4. August 2024.

The ELYMARA Technology

ELYMARA is a completely new technology on this Earth. The aim of this technology is to renew and heal the vibration on Earth, so that in every being and on the whole Earth the true and real life begins to flow perceptibly.

It is a technology of conciousness that respects the free will of the human being. It is purest, highly oscillating light of Creation as well as purest love of Creation. The pure Divine light, that every soul carries within itself, is activated by the use of this technology. It reconciles the user with his earthly experiences and connects him with the Divine source.

ELYMARA opens the door to one’s own true inner self - from the outer, material values to the individual inner, immaterial values. It brings the individual light essence of every human being to radiance.

The effects of these products are very complex and it is advisable to test the optimal product individually. Our counselors are at your disposal.