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Solutions for Earth Rays

The term earth radiation or terrestrial radiation refers to all perceptible disturbances (anomalies) of the earth’s magnetic field on the earth’s surface caused by physical forces in the ground.

The best known types of earth radiation include water veins, Hartmann grids, Curry nets, earth faults, geomantic zones, etc.

The effects of earth rays also depends on the weather conditions and cosmic influences, but above all on the increasingly stronger technical influences (electrosmog).

Earth rays can have a serious influence on our well-being. The effects are complex and range from sleep disorders, musculoskeletal problems, depression, hyperactivity in children to cancer.

«It is our declared aim to make well-being available at all levels and for all living beings by simple means.»

Legal notice: Our products are not medical products and do not replace a doctor or medical consultation. They are aids that create harmonisation in the subtle realm. The FOSTAC® method and the described effects are not officially recognised.