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Harmonisation of living and working areas

Harmonisation on site

With the advancing technical development, processes and devices have entered our lives which often change the biological compatibility of our living and working environment to such an extent that they disturb our natural, physical balance. Our sensitivity to such interference fields increases day by day. We are not only negatively affected by so-called electrosmog. Likewise by numerous geopathic interference fields (water veins, earth rays), by influences from air, food and water.

Have your living and/or working space examined for existing interferences. On request, we will make you an offer or harmonise the influencing factors directly on site.

Price for an on-site examination: CHF 150.- per hour.
(plus travel flat rate CHF 75.- per hour)

Indicative price of a rough analysis using a floor plan: CHF 80.- to 160.-

Harmonisation on site