We have closed from 20. July 2024 up to and including 4. August 2024.

The FOSTAC® Technologies

All our technologies are of energetical nature. What does that mean?
Our products are energized, trained and informed on a so-called subtle level with the help of a very high oscillation frequency. This high oscillation frequency is then emitted by the products into their environment.
The field of action of the product is determined by its size. The impact is in turn determined by the corresponding technology.

To the present time, we do not (yet) have any conventional technical devices capable of measuring the energies of our products or their effects. However, the results can be verified with methods such as kinesiology, dark field microscopy, HRV analysis, aura photography and the like.

The most important confirmation for us, however, are all our satisfied customers, whom we have been able to support with our technologies and are allowed to do so again and again.