We have closed from 20. July 2024 up to and including 4. August 2024.

Training model

Throughout Switzerland, as well as in many parts of Europe and the world, our products are distributed by our FOSTAC partners.

It is of great importance to us that our partners have the in-depth knowledge required to provide competent advice on our products.

The following list shows you how to become a «FOSTAC Holistic Coach», which enables you to qualify as an official FOSTAC partner.

FOSTAC Holistic Coach Training

Compulsory seminars

«FOSTAC Holistic Coach Training» consisting of:
Compulsory preparatory reading: individual
preparatory self-study: at least 40 hours
1st seminar block: 3 days
2nd seminar block: 4 days (approx. 2 months after 1st block)
7 days

Optional Seminar

Total mandatory
9 days + self studies
+ 1 day

The «FOSTAC Holistic Coach Training» imparts a great deal of knowledge about the FOSTAC® products and their versatile application possibilities as well as the theoretical and practical basics for the successful application of our products within the framework of a holistic approach. It is divided into the main areas of holism, electrosmog, geobiology, health and spirituality.

The personal development of the individual participants is also part of the process within this training.

Further training

In order to maintain all the benefits of being a FOSTAC partner, annual further training is mandatory for FOSTAC partners.
The permitted further training courses are marked accordingly in our seminar program.