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Solutions for Electrosmog

With the progressive technical development, processes and devices have entered our lives which locally change the global field significantly and bring it out of its natural balance - for this the term Electrosmog is used. Electrosmog is generated wherever technically caused electric, magnetic and electromagnetic radiation fields occur.

Often mentioned sources of electrosmog are mobile radio antennas, high-voltage lines, train, tram and bus overhead lines. But of course every technical device generates electromagnetic radiation, i.e. electrosmog, to a greater or lesser intensity.

Electrosmog is divided into different sectors:

  • low-frequency alternating electric and magnetic fields (low frequency)
  • electromagnetic fields of higher frequencies (high frequency)
  • electric and magnetic constant fields (direct current)

The negative biological or health consequences that can be triggered by human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are known as electrostress.

The effects of electrostress are perceived differently depending on the individual, but they increase exponentially with advancing technical developments.

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