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FOSTAC® Harmonisation

The term "harmonisation" refers to the integration of electromagnetic fields into the physical order of nature.

Nature shows us how electrical energy is supposed to work. We can see this in the electromagnetic vertical flow from Earth. This energy provides all life with the information necessary for perfect health. The DNA, which absorbs the information in every cell (working like a transmitter) and passes it on to the cells, is in resonance with this vertical flow. As long as this vertical flow can act on the DNA, the corresponding cells will remain healthy.

Electromagnetic fields – both internal ones and those of external origin – interfere in the Earth’s vertical energy flow, for technically produced current has a clockwise proper spin, just the opposite to that of nature. Depending on the field strength, the vertical current of the electrical field lines is weakened or even cancelled. When this vertical current is interfered, there are supply gaps. The biological cells get into an information hole and can build up dysfunctions.

A large number of people are electrosensitive, but in different degrees.

A harmonization with FOSTAC® products uses the approach that the fields of effect from electrosmog, water veins and other Earth magnetic fields are changed to clockwise and thus correspond to the basic needs of the organisms of all living beings. Harmonization provides life force and thus allows a healthy life for people, animals and plants. In the sense of a biologically positive spatial climate, that strengthens the life force and thus causes health and joy of living.

Unfortunately, today’s technology does not yet have the appropriate equipment to measure the quality (not quantity) of interference fields.
However, the results can be verified by methods such as kinesiology, dark field microscopy, HRV analysis, aura photography or by controlling the reactions with pendulum or rod.

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