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Water Vitalization

Water sample without vitalisation
Water sample without vitalisation

Water sample 1 day after vitalisation with FOSTAC® technology
Water sample 1 day after vitalisation with FOSTAC® technology

Water – a living being

Both the earth's surface and we humans consist of around 70% water. We need this precious liquid for growth and change. However, it is not only the quantity of water that is crucial, but also its origin and quality.

There is an increasing shortage of healthy, clean spring water. From a physical point of view, this is only optimal if it reaches the earth's surface under its own power and not via pipelines. As we know, this is rarely the case today. In addition, due to increasing contamination caused by ongoing environmental pollution, the purity and thus the healthy substance of this valuable groundwater is also dwindling.

Water - the (un)known being

We all use it every day in many different ways, but only a few people are aware of the outstanding properties of this element, its power and its beneficial effects on our bodies. The valuable knowledge about water, which people used to take for granted, was rediscovered and developed by pioneers such as Sebastian Kneipp, Viktor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk and others, both intuitively and through numerous experiments. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto also used thousands of impressive images to show that water can absorb vibrations, has a "memory" and is therefore easily able to store information of all kinds - both positive and negative. This can be seen today in many bodies of water, which exhibit chaotic, technically generated electro-magnetic frequency patterns and also contain nanoparticles, radioactivity and many other disinformation from toxic waste such as the contraceptive pill, psychotropic drugs, pesticides, chemtrails and much more.

Water quality is not created by chance, but always by external influences. And which influences have contributed significantly to this can be recognized not only by the structures, but even and easily by the taste of the water.

Water - an information carrier?

It is quite possible that this statement will at best elicit a weary smile from some people who think strictly rationally, or even be dismissed as charlatanry. However, it is not only the pioneers mentioned above who have proven that our indispensable elixir of life can be influenced. Each of us is in a position to successfully carry out this experiment ourselves in a simple way and then realize that we can actually influence water with positive or negative substances: We can indeed instantly "ename" water with positive or negative thoughts, words, songs or melodies, i.e. transform it into healing or damaging substances within a short period of time.

There are ways and means of significantly improving the quality of our most important «foodstuff». Based on the knowledge that water is an excellent energy carrier, undoubtedly has a kind of memory and can not only store information, but also pass it on. So what could be more obvious than, for example, deleting the pollutant information in water and replacing it with positive vibrational frequencies? This not only refines its taste, but also revitalizes it and reduces its lime content, thereby transforming it back into a beneficial natural product. However, this in turn requires that we treat this element with respect as an «entity» and not as a commodity to be consumed as a matter of course, but as a precious gift of nature.

Our products reinform all negative information of unnatural substances present in the water, such as heavy metals, nanoparticles, antibiotics, nitrite, nitrate, strontium, cesium, ammonia, radioactivity, iron, fluoride, zinc, chemtrails, dioxin, aluminum, lead, pesticides, barium, etc. This reformulation means that the physical substances found in water lose a large part of their negative biological effects on us. Through this reforming for health and well-being, the water gains noticeably in strength and vitality.

A number of valuable products are specially «programmed» at FOSTAC to fulfill their diverse and demanding tasks:

  • Deletion of pollutant frequencies
  • Increasing the vibration frequency
  • Refining the taste (finer, softer)
  • Reduction of limescale deposits

Living water is a guarantee for a functioning metabolism, which also enables the supply and disposal activity of the heart.

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Water sample without vitalisation
Water sample without vitalisation

Water sample 1 day after vitalisation with FOSTAC® technology
Water sample 1 day after vitalisation with FOSTAC® technology