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Treatments on the Subtle Level

Health Counselling

Our health consultations on a subtle level do not follow a rigid pattern. They are designed according to the client’s topic. The consultations, however, are consistent in that they are applied over the body of energy of the client. Disharmonies and blockages are recorded on a subtle level and, if necessary, resolved with the help of energized products. If the life energy can flow unhindered in the energetic, i.e. subtle, system, healing takes place, which also manifests itself on the physical level.

In this form of treatment the interaction of body, mind and soul is considered. The knowledge of the meaning of this interaction leads to the recognition of the true causes of life problems and malfunctions. The process can be optimized by understanding where something needs to be changed in order to support well-being. If we understand why we have attracted our personal circumstances and lessons, we can go into self-responsibility and re-design our reality.

The ability to forgive oneself, to love oneself, to let go of things that no longer serve one’s purpose, to make conscious decisions and above all to exercise compassion are important qualities that decisively influence the healing process.

An individual consultation usually takes about 1 - 2 hours.

Indicative price: CHF 150.- per hour.

Health Counselling