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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How long are your products effective?
Our products are antennas for cosmic energies (tachyon energy etc., similar to the life force/chi) and emit these energies for decades even without cleaning. In the case of glass products, the effect lasts for several decades and in the case of textiles for a maximum of two decades, as their structure is less stable.
However, particularly in the area of electrosmog, products may have to be adapted to the radiation levels of new technologies and therefore need to be replaced.
How long does it take for me to feel the effect of your products?
How quickly the effect is noticeable depends very much on your sensitivity. Some people notice the change almost immediately and some only after weeks. Existing symptoms should change or disappear after 4 weeks at the latest.
Can the impact of your products be measured?
Unfortunately, today's technology does not yet have the appropriate equipment to measure the quality (not quantity) of interfering influences.
However, the effects of our products can be verified using methods such as kinesiology, dark field microscopy, HRV measurements, aura photography or by checking the reactions with a pendulum or rod.
Do the products need to be cleaned or maintained in any way?
Our products do not require cleaning in the sense of charging (as with gemstones, for example), as they do not attract and accumulate any existing negative energies.
Some glass products may become a little dull, e.g. due to fingerprints. In such cases, a glass cleaner or a little soap and water will help.
Can your textile products be washed?
All our textile products can be washed without any problems and the effect is still retained. However, the indicated care instructions for these products must be observed.
What are Tachyons?
Tachyons are faster-than-light particles that move faster than light and are described as the basis of all matter and frequencies in the universe. They are part of the cosmic primordial energy. They have a consciousness that is neither measurable with today's technical devices nor intellectually comprehensible. They embody the principle of change by creating order out of chaos (-> see book «Tachyonenenergie und die Schöpfungsgesetze verstehen» available only in German at the moment).
Our products are energized in a process lasting at least 24 hours so that they attract tachyons, similar to an antenna, and release them in high concentrations into their surroundings. This energizing process results in an intensive transformative effect.
The larger the product, the greater the field of action.
Does it make a difference to me which technology is used to inform a product?
Although the various technologies of our products differ slightly in their mode of action, this generally has only a minimal impact on the user. You can find a detailed description of the modes of action of our products here.
How can I find the best product for my needs?
Ideally, the optimal product for you should be tested. This can be achieved with the kinesiological muscle test, the pendulum or other common test methods, for example.
If you don't know anyone in your environment who can help you with this, you have the option of contacting one of our official FOSTAC partners or getting advice from us.
Does the color of a product have an influence on its effect?
Yes, the color has an additional influence on the effect of our products. Due to its vibration, it has a supportive effect in certain areas and should be taken into account when choosing the product (if the product is available in different colors).
Do irregularities in the glass products have an influence on the effect?
The majority of FOSTAC products are manufactured by hand. Certain irregularities, especially in glass products, give them character and individuality and are within the permissible tolerance. They have no influence on the effect.
Does damage to the glass products have an influence on the effect?
Minor damage such as chipped parts or cracks in the glass (e.g. caused by falling) generally have no influence on the effect. In order not to injure yourself on the chipped areas, these can be softened with a sapphire nail file.
Do your products need to be specially activated?
As a rule, our products do not require activation. However, as they are products with a type of consciousness, they can also be supported with positive thoughts or (mental) communication.
Do pendants have to be worn on a specific part of the body?
Our energetic products create a three-dimensional energy field and the symbolism of this product is also three-dimensional. The side and height at which the pendant is worn is therefore generally irrelevant. We recommend an intuitive application, i.e. the way it feels best - from the position on the body and also in terms of duration.
If wearing a pendant on a chain or a lanyard is not desirable, it can also be worn in a trouser pocket or, for example, in a pouch attached to a bra.
How can I harmonize Airpod earphones?
There is currently no FOSTAC product for the direct harmonization of Airpods and similar small products. In this case, we recommend wearing an OMNIUM PENDANT.
Can the AQUAFLOW be split into two or more parts if my water pipe does not have a section that is 40 cm long?
The AQUAFLOW can also be cut to size for shorter pipe sections. It is important that you only ever cut vertically, not horizontally. In other words, the symbol on the back must not be cut.
Is there a right of return for your products?
Glass and fiberglass products in perfect condition and in their original packaging are guaranteed to be returned within 30 days of the invoice date.
In the event of a return, please state the complaint and provide a copy of the invoice.
Why are small products sent as a parcel?
In Switzerland, items sent by letter are not insured by Swiss Post and cannot be tracked, which is why we send all items with a value of over CHF 150 by A-Mail parcel within Switzerland. The shipping costs are also indicated everywhere at CHF 8.50 (and postage-free from an order value of CHF 500 net), i.e. the letter postage of CHF 2.50 is usually the exception rather than the rule.
How can I become a reseller of FOSTAC products??
To become a partner (reseller) of FOSTAC AG, you have two options:

The EASY PARTNER status entitles tradespeople, even without training, to purchase products from our «Easy Assortment» at discounted conditions. You can find an overview of the Easy assortment here.
We will be happy to send you the detailed documents on request.

It is of great importance to us that our REGULAR PARTNERS have a sound knowledge of our entire product range in order to provide competent advice. To achieve this partner status, you need to have completed the FOSTAC PENDULUM SEMINAR and the FOSTAC HOLISTIC COACH TRAINING. Our training model gives you more detailed information on this.
To maintain the partner status, an annual training day is also mandatory.
How can I harmonize interference in a photovoltaic system with your products?
The harmonization of electrosmog in photovoltaic systems depends on the size of the system, i.e. the strength of the inverter(s), because the real problem is not the solar cells themselves, but the inverters. These can be harmonized with a POWER ELECTRIC. If the sleeping area is directly below the solar cells (i.e. under the roof), it may be appropriate in some cases to install an additional product in the bedroom (e.g. a DOUBLE LANTOS).
If it is a more complex system, we need more detailed information in order to provide you with the best possible advice. You are welcome to contact us by telephone.
In any case, it is always advisable to check for other electrosmog influences (WiFi, mobile telephony, etc.). If you wish, we can also advise you on this by telephone.
Can gemstones also be tachyonized?
Precious and semi-precious stones are not tachyonized at FOSTAC AG, as they have a high natural vibration and their own information and therefore fulfil their tasks in the sense of creation in the best possible way. They also adapt to the increase in vibration.