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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

How can I become a «FOSTAC® Partner»?

All over Switzerland, as well as in many parts of Europe and the world, our products are distributed by our FOSTAC® partners.

It is of great importance to us that our partners have a sound knowledge of our products in order to provide competent advice. In our training model you will find an overview of the seminars required to achieve FOSTAC® Partner status.

Reactivating the Partner Status

Have you completed training as a «FOSTAC® Holistic Coach» (or formerly «FOSTAC® Geobiology Consultant», «FOSTAC® Health Consultant» or «FOSTAC® Local Partner») some time ago and would like to become an active FOSTAC® Partner again?

You can reactivate your status as a Regular Partner by attending two seminars valid as further training within 12 months.

Become a Partner