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Electrosmog and 5G Radiation


How we can deal with it in a more relaxed way

Mankind has evolved over thousands of years without electrosmog and is biologically strongly adapted to life as a Stone Age man and to natural radiation. In the early days of space travel, it was quickly recognized that the absence of this natural radiation leads to health problems for astronauts.

With the development of technology, new (technical) radiations have entered our lives that interfere with the natural radiations. These non-natural radiations, i.e. electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, are summarized under the term «electrosmog».

Technical interference fields always arise when electricity is generated, transported or consumed. These fields are physically divided into two areas, one static (direct current) and one dynamic (alternating current). Direct current is less involved in health problems, but alternating current is much more so. It is divided into low-frequency and high-frequency depending on the frequency of its energy pulses.

In the case of high frequency, the consequence is that digitally pulsed data transmission carries high health risks. Unfortunately, however, the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation are usually not immediately noticeable, as the damage often only occurs over time, similar to smoking.

The expansion of technically generated fields has steadily increased in recent decades due to the global introduction and constant further development of mobile communications and other «cordless» or «wireless» technologies and is now virtually ubiquitous in many countries. The ubiquitous radiation is now far exceeded by 5G technology. Electrosmog and 5G radiation are leading to a massive increase in forced exposure to wireless communication - the health effects of which have neither been researched nor assessed.

With the help of natural energies, we at FOSTAC have developed a technology that acts on the direction of rotation of the electrons and thus harmonizes (not shields!) the interference fields. The quality of the information of the biologically harmful frequencies is changed in such a way that they can no longer have a negative effect on living beings. The natural life force flows optimally. People, animals and the whole of nature react with great well-being.

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