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Kozyrev Mirrors Sessions

Kozyrev Mirrors

A Kozyrev mirror is an aluminum cylinder that can open a space-time channel in its interior due to its specific mass, surface texture and placement.

This adventurous assertion is confirmed by numerous scientific experiments with hundreds of test subjects and by the scientific theory of one of the great astrophysicists of the last century, Nikolay Kozyrev (see also www.mindspectra.de).

In the Kozyrev mirror one feels an absolute peace or silence, as if one were no longer of this world. And this is indeed so, because according to all available scientific results everyday life in space and time (‘3D + T’) is abolished in the chamber. The user feels a cosmic-universal rhythm, he feels lightweight and liberated and no longer subjected to the constraints of a linear time wave of cause (past) and effect (future).

From the point of view of energy medicine, test persons were found to have harmonized all regulatory systems after a short period of acclimatization of the organism, followed by an increase in their own body energy.

The user does not have to do anything but sit as thoughtlessly as possible, everything else is done by the soul itself. It re-synchronizes the integrity of the human being and induces a disturbance-free communication of nervous systems, subconsciousness and the DNA of the cells. In the simpler case, this can benefit all of us in the form of relaxation gained and calm concentration, which enables stress-free performance.

The stay in the chamber is unencumbering and free of side effects; if you stay too long, you might get turned up slightly. However, for the first time after probably a long time one experiences the freedom from all constrictions, from pressure, fear and compulsions. This enables the self-healing forces to become active and find their way back to the lost basic state of health.

Indicative price CHF 20.- (session duration max. 20 min.)

Kozyrev Mirrors